Technical Specifications

Item:                         LED Emergency Inverter

Input Voltage:         AC 85-265V 50/60Hz

Output Voltage:       DC 180-240V

Mains Power:          11W

Emergency Power: 10W

Charge Time:           24H

Discharge Time:      3H

Operation:                 Maintained / Non-Maintained

Test Function:          Auto Test

Battery:                      LiFePO4 12.8V 3200mAh

Class:                         1

IP:                               20

Dimensions:             188 x 40 x 30mm (Inverter), 300 x 33 x 27mm (Battery)

Warranty:                   5 yrs Inverter & 3 yrs Battery


Note 1: Suitable for LED lamps & luminaires with an internal & external driver. Ex. T8 tubes, GU10, Panel lights.

Note 2: The inverter has its test switch & indicator.